Hearts N' Hooves

   Trick Riding

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 Ashley Furgeson, Mackenzie Jensen and Bella DaCosta are a professional trick riding team for hire from Western Canada who love the thrill and excitement of performing.  They are fearless and daring young ladies who have complete confidence and trust in their equally amazing horses, Tess and Madonna. Their exceptional performances maximize their strength, flexibility and determination, they continually work hard to perfect the art of trick riding. 


These girls have dedicated long hours to honing the bond between themselves and their well trained and loyal horses, making incredibly difficult tricks for both horse and rider appear effortless.  The passion they bring to the sport of trick riding and the bond they have with their horses is magical, making for an exciting experience for audiences of all ages.

They are based in Alberta but have performed through out Canada, including a 6 week long tour in Eastern Canada. Their full show runs about 30 min. Ashley opens the act showing the trust and connection she has with her horse Madonna, she rides her completely at liberty, no saddle or no bridle. Next Mackenzie shows balance and control with the art of Roman riding, standing and riding 2 horses at the same time. Then they finish the show with their breath taking speed and their death defying stunts on horse back. Leaving their audience wanting to see more. All they need to perform is an arena or ring and good footing for the horses.