Hearts N' Hooves

   Trick Riding

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Madonna is an 15 year old quarter horse that loves to please. She is Ashley's main mount and was a dream to train to trick ride. She knows her job and does it very well. Ashley also uses Madonna for our Liberty show, and you don't want to miss this performance. Madonna has also worked on Heartland as Olivia's trick riding horse Winner. 


Tess is a 12 year old Quarter Horse Paint that is one of a kind. She does many jobs, from trick riding, roman riding, gymkahna, roping, ranch rodeos, and trail riding. She is very good at everything we ask her to do. She is best known for her amazing partnership that she has with Mackenzie while trick riding. Tess is also seen on Heartland as Georgie's horse Checkers.



Aurora is 11 years old and full of life. She loves to play and there's never a dull moment when she's around. She is currently a roman riding partner with Tess, as well as being one of our seasoned trick riding horses. Aurora can bow and play dead as well. You may have seen Aurora on Heartland as she was one of Olivia's Roman riding horses in season 9.



Chic is a 10 year old mare that has had some pretty big shoes to fill when we started using her. We started training her for trick riding just two months before the North American Finals in Las Vegas, when we found out that Mackenzie's main horse Tess had a fractured bone in her leg and needed time off to heal. She has turned out to be another amazing horse, carrying Mackenzie to win her division at the North American Finals in Las Vegas.    


Meet Sonny!! Sonny is our biggest horse, in both size and personality. She is 10 years old and very strong willed. These traits will make her a force to reckon with in the trick riding pen. We have been working hard, to get Sonny ready for this trick riding season. Be sure to come and watch this black beauty in action this summer. 


Is The new addition to the team!! Bella is super excited to see where this beautiful black mare will take her! Tonto is a very willing mare with tons of speed and a heart of gold!

Sweet Pea

Sweet Pea is a little pony with a ton of heart! She loves her job and is super sassy she loves to run and has a hard time standing still. The louder a crowd gets the harder she runs! Sweet Pea makes the perfect partner for Bella for vaulting.


Roper has been Bella’s main mount for trick riding for the last 2 years she has taken Bella all the way to Las Vegas and has won her many Championships the bond between this team is beautiful.